To all of my new followers and old I am I’m a bit of pinch still with net. The place I live at is not getting it fix and I am trying to see if I can get a new provider or get someone else to fix it. As for the phone problem I should be going down to cricket to see what is wrong. Please please keep in mind I am still here just in a pinch like I said I will come back full force in rps and cosplays and other things.

*hugs* Hey how are you?

Annoyed that I have no net still.

Also if anyone wants to text me and we can rp over the phone via the text I am more then happy to do so
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Okay it seems I will need talk with my phone provider cause my phone is so slow that I can’t even post what I want back to rps or even see anything that I need to see. So sorry guys bare with me a little more, I really miss rping with you all.

Okay so it seemsy app for Tumblr is not working or something so I’ll have to deal with it later. As for the web one its fine sorry for not being om much. Being on my phone a takes a lot out of me or its just not what I need at the moment. They have not fixed my net that is just annoying. So I am trying don’t think I gone promise I am around just having trouble. I will so have art and photos to share and post sometime soon.

It seems Tumblr is being really annoying on my phone. Been sick as of late have not been able to make poat cause of something weird going on with the app so I have to use the web browsers verison

(Roleplay, friend?) Double D sighed and kicked a soda can littering the path he'd chosen to walk on that day. Immediately he scolded himself for being so reckless and picked it up, shoving it into his backpack pocket that held all the litter he found. Just because he was in a bad mood, didn't mean he had to be so rude to Mother Earth. Letting out another heavy sigh, he looked to the sky and ignored the burning thoughts in his head.


(Tots sorry I’m late and what not since I just got back on my lap top)

Kevin tugged a little on the leash of the doberman leash, it was just another day like any other for him as he walked Roxie down the sidewalk not thinking nor really minding his surroundings of what was around him, since taking this path was nearly empty most of the time. But at this time it was not and he was not ready to have run into anyone else while walking his dog.

"Roxie I ended up getting her a little after middle school had ended. My folks where talking about what kind of pet to get. My mom a cat and my old man a dog. I was game for either in the end it was long well you can say argument over who would get what. On the end my dad cheated and bought Roxie before my mom could get her cat." He laughed a little. "But in the end it worked out she loves her none the less." As he thought a little on what to ask next figured now would be the time. "So.. Uhh you wanna go out?" Yup smooth Kevin he thought to him self.


"What about if I do mean it?" Muttering against the skin, still moving down and leaving small bite marks against the others skin.

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